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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Singapore Blue Chips and STI ETF

Read? Position Sizing and Diversification

Quote from SMOL :

Here we go:
Is owning 30 stocks in a portfolio diversified enough?
Especially if 40-50% of that portfolio is geared towards financials?
And you have no clue what is Narrow Country Focus risk?
We have a little issue here. Think Grasshopper not PowerMaths?
As retail investors, many of us may not have that kind of war chest to chase ALL 30 blue chips in our local stock exchange, SGX; but we may have enough resources to chase after X or XX by position sizing. It will achieve reasonable diversification across industries and sectors.
Does Grasshopper mean Singapore's listed companies only do business in Singapore selling char kway teow, laksa, chicken rice arh?
OIC. He meant STI ETF and poked the preacher :-)

Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (7)

Read? Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (6)

Real Person . Real Story and should be reading this blog post too.

Buddha also has fire!

Fisherman runs out of patience!

Once we have lost our hard earned money in the stock market; there is nothing much we can do about it. When we cut our losses too late;  whatever we can recover will be quite little. With that little recovered capital; we can't recover from such large losses. No. We can't!

So we put in more capital and then what happen?

Even larger losses may be expected if we never put in significant time and effort to sharpen our investing knowledge and skills?

You can only help yourself


You can choose to pay $X,XXX to polish your investing "skills" by attending "Gurus" guided courses to prove that "Gurus" are right!

We have to know ourselves. If we cannot stand heat personally so we better stay out of the kitchen even we want to cook nice meals for the family.

Uncle8888 also suffered large losses but never give up. He keeps learning. He also came to the stock market at the wrong market timing in Jan 2000. See closely! See for yourself. But; he never lose confidence but keep learning! That is the way he has chosen for himself. Nobody force him to invest!

Now, who are telling you that you need to invest?

Investment bloggers, financial advisers and "Gurus" conducting investment courses?

They are just Barbers!

Barbers will be telling guys to keep their hair neat and shorter to look smarter!

Barber : Guys; you need a hair cut to look smarter!

It is true that inflation is killing you softly year on year till we die; but the emotional heartache, pain in the mind, and depression of seeing our hard earned money lost in the stock market may shorten our life faster without us knowing it.

We have to know ourselves. If we cannot stand heat personally we better stay out of the kitchen even we like to cook nice meals ourselves for the family.

You still want to listen to your barber that it is great time to get a hair cut but you look wonderful with longer hair and what if you have little hair on your head and still need hair cut every month?

Personally; Uncle8888 has agreed with those super savers that they don't want to invest and don't put themselves into emotional roller-coastal over market cycles. A peaceful mind without worrying about market is also priceless as compared to compounding gains for more wealth. Potentially more money not means more peaceful mind.

He also fully understand why those who have chopped their fingers continue to be super savers to fight inflation. Year on year inflation is killing us softly but not large investment losses. When we cannot take the great pain of losses. Stay away from the stock market!

Strange. These words coming out from the investment blogger -the barber saying that you looking really nice. You don't need a haircut!

Friday, 23 September 2016


Main suspect in Maxim Trader Ponzi scheme brought back to Taiwan

Read? What you may not know??? (Refresh)

Read? Main suspect in Maxim Trader Ponzi scheme brought back to Taiwan

CW8888: Endless! Until Greed can be educated!

Taipei, Sept. 21 (CNA) Taiwan investigators brought back the main suspect in the Maxim Trader Group Ponzi scheme from Malaysia on Wednesday to face charges of defrauding investors of some NT$200 million (US$6.38 million)

Hsu Ssu-wei (許思為) was listed as fugitive in June 2015, after it was discovered that he had fled the country during an investigation into illegal fundraising activities involving the Maxim Trade Group.

Last May, the Bureau of Investigation raided 16 locations used by the bogus firm, which had been posing as an affiliate of a Nasdaq-listed international holding company, and seized about NT$60 million in cash, luxury cars and bank accounts.

The Maxim Trade Group was accused of fraudulently taking in more than NT$13.9 billion from investors in Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, China and Hong Kong from 2013-2015 and transferring the funds to dummy bank accounts overseas.

According to Taiwan investigators, Hsu alone managed to swindle more than NT$200 million through the fraudulent company.

In July, investigators learned that Hsu was still at large in Southeast Asia. With the cooperation of law enforcement authorities in the region, Taiwan investors arrested Hsu in Malaysia Tuesday and escorted him back to Taiwan on Wednesday, the bureau said.

He will face charges associated with violations of the Bank Act, the bureau said

The More Cash People Have, the Happier They Are (2)

Read? The More Cash People Have, the Happier They Are

Read? Createwealth8888 - The Pokemon???

Concept and theory are good. But wiser or not? Depending who you ask?

Going up the Mountain or coming down from the Mountain?

Ever walk through the Valley of Darkness or Death?

Our view on financial may change significantly!

Wealth = Asset Value + Cash Flow

What did you see in your own mind?
We will see it so differently!

When WILL Someone Become So SERIOUSLY Interested In His or Her Own Personal Finance??? (2)

Read? When WILL Someone Become So SERIOUSLY Interested In His or Her Own Personal Finance???

Just after reading one book: Rich Dad. Poor Dad and a Mind Flip.

After 16 years, Uncle8888 has acquired the full courage and confidence to divert his journey as salaried employee earning nice and comfortable income and unlike many of his seniors taking the common path to the forced end-point at the will of their employer.

Looking back after 16 years, it is Amazing!

Many have read this book; but how many have their mind flip and they became so determined to get out of rat race and will learn whatever to take them there.

Read? Investing Lessons From Conversation With Uncle8888 (1)

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Createwealth8888 - The Pokemon???

Read? Count Down To Round The Coast Of Singapore Walking Trail Starting in Oct 2016!

Starting in the month of Oct 2016 and appearing from mid noon till late evening/early night for 2 to 4 times during weekdays. First Pokestop and travel anti-clockwise. Maximum duration per Pokestop is 30 mins.

Set up your Pokestop and Lure to catch this Pokémon if you wish to throw a Raspberry (kopi-o kosong) to catch this Pokémon of low CP 16.

Bring a few pieces of paper and a pen to understand his Wealth Formula!

Wealth = Asset Value + Cash Flow

How about his view on this FB's comment he has read this morning?

"Then it is wiser to use cash to pay for mortgage payment and leave CPF-OA money compounding @2.5%."


Once you understand CW8888's Wealth Formula; it may help you to make a wiser decision.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

More Than Position Sizing and Diversification . Add In Timing The Market and Time In Market. Be Active before becoming Passive!

Read? Position Sizing and Diversification

Active or Passive?

Choose Active and progressively ending as Passive to enjoy the fruits of your Money Tree; BUT in life seldom there is Free Lunch. You like free lunch or breakfast try to visit some known temples or churches that provide them.


See what you see and see it closely.

Winners, Losers, Non-performing. Catch them all.

It is like Pokémon Go. Catch them all; otherwise how to get those rare ones?

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Why I won't be transferring my CPF OA to the SA

Cai HaoxiangThe Business TimesMonday, Sep 12, 2016

Read? Why I won't be transferring my CPF OA to the SA

CW8888: How many people out there have really asked those who are financial and investing savvy enough why they don't transfer from CPF OA to SA?

Read? Top Up CPF SA From CPF OA? Depending On Who You Ask! (9)

CPFIS as War Chest of last resort and his current CPFIS holding.

Read? Your CPF Investment Account : Uncle8888's foolish advice again!!! (4)

Last Pay Check As Salaried Employee

Ooo .. His last pay check is available for online viewing today and that will end his last 39 year of earned income after tax as salaried employee from his human asset.

From Nov 2016 onwards, he will be living off from his financial assets and become full-time retail investor cum Senior Man of Leisure (same as SMOL the Blogger except many years older than him)

Return from his Investment Portfolio vs. Net Return after income tax from his Human Asset as salaried employee from Jan 2000 to Sep 2016

Average wealth accumulation on per year basis: Human Asset vs. Stock Investing in local stock market (SGX) only.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

I May Not Have Tomorrow But May Not Be So For My Dependents

When you are single, five days never change your underwear. Nobody #$%&& care!

When you are married; you try to tell your spouse. "Honey; I five days never change my underwear; I am going to break the last record and make it 6 days! LOL!

Same as pursing financial independence when you still have dependents who have many more years of uncertainty to go. The Equation for Financial Independence is not simple. Uncle8888 has seriously thought over and over again in 2013 whenever he has some quiet moments himself and thinking it loud.

Should he do it now as there may be no tomorrow?

But the deeper thought of many more years of his dependents has firmly hold him back. See the difference? It is not as simple as what we have read in some investment blogs - Passive income exceeding household expenses is financial independence.

I May Not Have Tomorrow But May Not Be So For My Dependents

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Kep Corp : 15th Year Anniversary Of Long-term Investing and Short-term Trading As Retail Investor!

CW8888's Blog Mast Head : Create wealth through long-term investing and short-term trading.

15 years of long-term holding Kep Corp for its dividends and 95 rounds of short-term trading for trading P/L.

Read? Kep Corp : Bought @ $9.64 for Round 95

This is what long-term investing and short-term trading all about.

Holding long-term for its yield and trading short-term for its cash flow is not as that easy over market and oil cycles - the boom and doom.

We must remember our investing experience and future approach to investing is always personal and that is the reason why we have to understand ourselves, our investing goals and the most important our account size really matters.


Uncle8888 is very discipline in risk control and he knows enough is enough and he will never ever lose any money in Kep Corp!

You get what he is saying?

Any clue in the chart above what he didn't do?

Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached! (7)

Read? Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached! (6)

Some of us may think that this is a damn silly Game!

But, Uncle8888 would like to share this public FB posting in Pokémon Go Singapore by Bryen Yap
The hunt was over long ago.
met a lot of friendly people around.
got some stories of people i have met. I would like to share with everyone.

1st story:

it was the 1st few days of pokemon. I was riding on my bike around my estate. So there was this pokestop. Where i met this old man in wheelchair with his maid. He was putting lure at the stop for the nearby kids to play. He saw me and said that he was on wheels too. 

 We were chatting when i saw some of the kids playing..... They were so happy when they caught a slowpoke. I was like.... wat?? i already caught maybe 30 slowpoke t that day. Then i realize that, 4 of them were sharing 1 phone to play. So it was like.... the slowpoke of the Day!.. they take turns to wait and catch. But they were very happy. there are also a few more kids around, .. But as there was only 1 stop, their pokeballs ran out quite fast. So i took turns to take their phones , coz i cycle around to pick up those pokestops. At 1 of the stops. There was this ah beng. Typical Ah Beng. sitting there smoking with techo music from his e-scootor. I went around like 20 times.... so i guess he thought i was chashing a rare pokemon. So he followed me to that stop and saw that there was no rare But he just sat there and play anyway with the kids. it was getting late so the old man, told the kids time to go home. I also need to go work. Anyway, we told the kids to come down tomorrow . So the next day, i fit in another 2 handphone holders on my bike and 5 battery packs down to the pokestop. So i can take a few more phones to run the pokestops. When i reach there, the old man and the maid were there... they even bring drink and some cakes and i also saw the ah beng..... and guess what he got 3 friends with him .... all in e-scooters. I figure out that he realize what i was doing. So he decided to help, he got 3 of his friends and not only they can help to get to the other pokestops. They ride the Kids to the stops. You can see the delight on the kids' faces. because they never had to chance to even ride on one. The ah bengs, even tell each other not to ride too fast..... and even tell each other not to scold vulgar hokkien coz got kids around. We didnt talk by just a nod of the head and smile.

2nd story

It was during 1 of walks at MBS. When there was a rush. KABUTOPS. was spotted... there was a crazy rush to the art science centre. I also was in the mist of the people. When they was a shout by someone. There was a young girl. face 1st on the ground and crying, but everyone ignore her and some asshole even kick her. When this malay kaki shouted at the guy.The guy just stare and walk off. The kaki carry the girl up and to the sitting area, he dusted her knees and they were bleeding.... guess that the parents wanted kabutops more than their daughter. Then the kaki's wife and daughter came. 

There are too many people and simply the girl can't see her parents. So the Ah bang, stood up on the sitting area and carried the girl on his shoulder to let her get a better view...
Finally after a while, the mother spotted her daugher and came running in. The little girl was crying when the mother hug her..... the father came and thank the malay buddy. End up, they wasn't catching kabutops. But were having dinner. The little girl was playing around.So when the crowd rush, she somehow got caught in the mist and got push off away.
After that, i walk off to the other stops.... when i came back to art science centre later...
they were still there...
Guys talking about soccer and man u .
wives talking
little girls running around...
Singapore multi racial harmony at it's best.


 I was riding to MBS on my bicycle. Took a longer route around gardens by the bay, to catch some Jynx.

 When i saw a man pushing a wheel chair boy. I don't know how to explain. But the boy is like wheel chair bounded and can only move a few fingers . very poor thing. When i look at him, he was like very shy or fearful. So i smile at him and his dad, just casual ask what he was catching. The father said, catch snake, which i guess it was ekans. 

 But when i look at the i pad... it looks weird, coz it dont seems the boy is playing. because the dad was holding onto the i pad, the kid can only use 1 finger to touch the screen and you can see his hands are not steady.

 So i turn and saw this younger boy holding onto a phone . Then i realize, The i Pad, is just a mirror of the phone , the young boy is catching the pokemon, but mirror it to the i pad, to make it as if the wheel chair boy is catching it..

 woah, it immediately hit me that this should be the younger brother. To make the sick older brother happy, he somehow made it as if he was catching it.. who would even do that...
 then just than some people were shouting pikachu... pikachu in front and running .

 The wheel chair boy was like.... piiiii....ka ka ka ka ......ccccuuu..
i look at the young boy face, and ask him to pass me his phone... i ride down like crazy....... capture the pikachu, and ride back asap... hope that there is no time out..
the boy quick took the phone.... and CAPTURE the pikachu... the older brother was so happy , he almost jump out of his wheel chair..

The maid and father had to hold him down..

 i can see a lady sitting at 1 corner , leaning againest the wall , sleeping.. i guess it should be the tired mother looking after him...
i was there for more than an hour, riding around, capture wat in sight and come back...

 Before they had to go off, they had to change his tubes or something... the mom seems ok after that short nap.
i somehow wanted to talk to the small boy, so i told him that he has to help to take care of the older brother....

 he nod his head... and says that he only has 1 older brother.
it kind of hit me.... but glad that he knows what to do....
a lot of things can be bought , but brotherhood and kinships can only be taught.


Friday, 16 September 2016

Who Are CPF Members Who Lost Their Money??? (2)

Read? Who Are CPF Members Who Lost Their Money???

Read? Over market cycles your assets may survive but can you build more wealth out of them??? (2)

Not ALL investment bloggers know the difference between Compounding Interests from CPF OA and Compounding Investment Return!

CPF OA 2.5% compound interests over one to two decades is NOT EASY to beat over market cycles of Bulls and Bears.

To make compounding investment return; you have to keep re-investing and re-investing over market cycles of Bulls and Bears.

Just a few moments of foolishness or greed may set back your past investment gains and you may end up in compounding NEGATIVE return!

So you still think 2.5% CPF OA compounding interests over decades is easy to beat?

Who Are CPF Members Who Lost Their Money???

Conventional wisdom on "Start investing early and compounding to millionaire in your investment"

Now, who are the CPF members who lost their money?

Your parents and relatives who are in 60s and 70s and have started investing EARLY when CPFIS kicked in?


Uncle8888's regular lunch and tea-break kakis in their 60s and late 50s.

ALL (No mistake!) ALL are better off keeping their CPF OA instead of investing!

Two of them chopped fingers and never touch the stock market anymore!

Read? Harsh lessons from 1997/98 and 2007/08 stock crisis

Portfolio Return Since 2003 On Long-term investing and short-term trading.

No BS!

Without so-called easy money from active contra trading during the Bull and crash got sound during the Bear. With a slower and steady investing mind; Uncle8888 still strongly believe 5% p.a. cash flow return on portfolio is highly possible over future market cycles.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached! (6)

Read? Pokemon Go Trainers vs. Investment Trainers??? (2)

Level : 29

Pokémon : 134 out of 141 or 95% and 7 Pokémon to go!

The More Cash People Have, the Happier They Are

Read? The More Cash People Have, the Happier They Are


Conventional wisdom says you should be investing as much of your excess money as you possibly can. That may be the best path to greater wealth. But it may not be the best path to happiness.

In a previous article we looked at a broad range of research about money and happiness. Some of the main conclusions: Experiences tend to provide more lasting happiness than material goods; giving money away makes people happier than spending it on themselves; and wealthier people do tend to be happier, but only up to a certain point.

More recent research has yielded surprising new insights. One study, for example, shows that when it comes to happiness, a bank balance may be more important than overall wealth. Meanwhile, a separate study suggests that buying material things can make you happier—but only if the things you buy fit your personality.

The Wall Street Journal spoke recently with Joe Gladstone, research associate at the University of Cambridge in the U.K. and co-author of both studies. Here are edited excerpts from that interview.

MR. GLADSTONE: I’ve been working with banks to answer some interesting questions about how and why people make certain financial decisions. A U.K. bank allowed us to survey thousands of its customers about their happiness and then match those responses to transaction data from their accounts.

We wanted to look at the fundamental question: To what extent can money lead to happiness? And does money tied up in a non liquid form provide the same happiness as money that is available to spend?

WSJ: And what did you find?

MR. GLADSTONE: We find a very interesting effect: that the amount of money you have in your bank account right now is a better predictor of happiness than your aggregate wealth.

Having more money in their bank account makes people feel more financially secure, which leads to an increase in happiness.

CW8888: Walau! So true. That is the answer!

In our local investment blogosphere, Uncle8888 may rank near the bottom of table in term of % of his net worth invested .

That makes sense for the poorest 50% in the study, but it’s surprising that it’s still the case for the richest 50%. Even for a very wealthy person who has lots of savings and investments, having more money in their checking account seems to increase their happiness.

It is just a correlational study, so we don’t study the reasons for this. But we can hypothesize that when money is tied up in a pension or investments, it feels more abstract and inaccessible.

Going to the ATM and seeing a large balance available feels more important to people.

WSJ: Why is this research important?

MR. GLADSTONE: It goes against the traditional advice a financial adviser might give someone. Advisers might say all money that isn’t invested in something like equities is wasted—it’s sitting in your account losing value—so the right choice from a purely rational economic point of view is to invest it.

But that is not taking into account human psychology. It isn’t just about maximizing your monetary benefit, but about maximizing your well-being. (CW8888. True!)

WSJ: Should people keep all their money in their checking account?

MR. GLADSTONE: No, there are diminishing returns. Going from £1 to £1,000 (about $1.30 to $1,300) leads to more happiness than going from £1,000 to £10,000, and so on. But people might want to think about building up more current assets.

So many people are living as financial zombies, going from paycheck to paycheck. Yet often they do have some assets. Maybe they own a house or have access to some other asset. If they shifted their approach and built up more of a buffer to make themselves feel more secure, it might be a powerful way to make them feel happier with their lives.

WSJ: Your other research looks at buying decisions and happiness. What do you find in that study?

MR. GLADSTONE: Lots of research out there assumes that a single rule will tell all of us what will make us happy. But people are different, so we wanted to take the research to the next level and look at how different kinds of people can maximize their happiness.

So again we partnered with a major bank in the U.K. We looked at people’s debit-card transactions and matched them against the results of personality and happiness surveys. We found that when people spent money on things that matched their personality, it was strongly predictive of happiness.

WSJ: Isn’t this an obvious link? Doesn’t everyone spend on things that fit their personality?

MR. GLADSTONE: No. If you ask people what would make them happier, they often give a normative response; in other words, what should make them happy. But what we show is that what fits with socially desirable behavior may not be what makes you happy.
Often, our behavior is driven by what other people are doing.

People are not always good at listening to who they are as individuals and behaving in ways that respond to those individual traits.

The next stage of this research will be to look at why some people are better at this than others.

WSJ: How do you measure the link between personality and spending?

MR. GLADSTONE: We use something called the “big five,” which is the five characteristics that make most people different from each other. The simple acronym for this is OCEAN: openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.

We assessed people’s personalities based on that model. But then we had to assign personality scores to the products and things they spent their money on. We did that with a large-scale online survey in which we asked people to rate how well each type of spending matched the different personality types.

But this analysis, like the previous study, only showed a correlation. We also wanted to show a causal link, so we did a separate experiment in which we took people who were highly introverted or highly extroverted and gave them money to spend either in a bar or in a bookshop. Then we asked them for their levels of happiness at multiple points in the process.

We show that when the extroverted people spent money in the bookshop, it had no effect on their happiness, whereas the introverts became happier. And in the bar, the introverts actually became less happy. It is a small-scale study, but it’s quite compelling evidence for a causal link between how well our spending behavior matches our personality and how happy we are.

WSJ: How can people put these results into practice?

MR. GLADSTONE: There are lots of Big Five personality tests freely available online, so you could get to know yourself better and use it to think about your spending. We need to do more research in this area, but our paper provides a starting-point for thinking about this.

Of course, everyone has some constraints on their spending. People have to pay the rent, and we’re not saying that they shouldn’t do things like that because it doesn’t fit their personality. But with the chunk of your money that is discretionary, maybe that can be optimized in a way that reflects who you are as a person and makes you happier as a result.

Mr. Blackman is a writer living on Crete. He can be reached at

It's What I Do, Not What I Say. But .....

Many of us will know it!

It's What I Do, Not What I Say. But .....

When it comes to investment blogosphere ... many will tend to trust the opposite of it.

It's NOT what I do; but what I say it loudly and convincingly. The gift of language and marketing skills!

It's What I Do, Not What I Say. But .....


See how SMOL re-packaged the negatives.



As snake oil, I'll repackage all the above "negatives" into marketing selling points:

Miss the nostalgia days of the 70s? Come!

Relive those romantic days where you take the air-come bus from Taman Jurong to Changi Point just try the Nasir Lemak. Spend quality time with your love ones on the bus! Time will pass so fast you would complain why distance so short!

Wait! There's more!

We'll throw in a 1/2 hour leisurely walk totally free of charge!

And you won't believe it. If you sign up today, we'll even throw in FREE sunshine!!!

Sweating is good for the body. We detox first; then makan till we drop.

Come! Don't be shy. Come closer to the front.

How many tickets you want Sir?

Unlimited Tavel on MRT & Buses in Singapore and SBS 170 to JB as senior citizen!

Uncle8888 begins his life as senior citizen with his first unlimited travel on MRT & Buses in Singapore/SBS 170 to JB at fixed transportation cost of $60 today!

Good for catching Pokémon too!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Singapore investors have unrealistic income expectations: Schroders survey

Sep 14, 20161:38 PM

SINGAPORE investors are an overly-optimistic lot, with the millennials here particularly more bullish and confident of their investment returns, a survey has found.

The average investor in the city-state expects a 9.2 per cent minimum return on their investments per year, according to the Schroders Global Investor Survey 2016. This is a stark contrast to the average stockmarket yield of only 3.8 per cent.

This over-optimism is more pronounced among millennials, who expect a 9.6 per cent return on their investment per year compared to 8.9 per cent for investors aged 36 and over.
"Singapore investors are overly optimistic about income returns," said Schroders on Wednesday.

CW8888: Illusion impressed upon them by "Gurus" and Trainers, e.g. like this marketing line?

Grant Yourself The Ability To Make 10 – 15 % Returns Annually.


Government to review CPF Investment Scheme: DPM Tharman

CW8888: So you think after reading some investment blogs, some investment books, some online investment articles, attending some free investing preview seminars or value investing course; you are on your way to do better than CPF OA 2.5% CAGR?

Who are these CPF members in lesser 20% who manage to beat CPF OA 2.5% CAGR over past 10 years and what it takes for them to outperform?

One of them is definitely not value investor by theory or concept. LOL!

Read? CPF OA is just 2.5% BUT it doesn't mean that you as an retail can easily beat it. Stop believing all those stuff you read in the Cyber world on Compounding Effect

SINGAPORE - The Government will review the Central Provident Fund Investment Scheme (CPFIS), Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said on Tuesday (Sept 13), taking up a recommendation proposed by an advisory panel early last month.

The CPFIS was set up to offer CPF members a way to earn higher returns on their savings but it is "not fit for purpose", Mr Tharman told an audience at the Economic Society of Singapore's annual dinner.

Over the past 10 years, more than 80 per cent of the CPF members who put their savings into an investment product via the CPFIS would have been better off just leaving their money in the Ordinary Account, which earns a guaranteed 2.5 per cent each year, Mr Tharman noted.

Some 45 per cent of those who made use of the CPFIS even made losses over the same period.

In its second and final set of proposals to the Government last month, the CPF Advisory Panel, which had been tasked to recommend ways to improve the CPF system, had mentioned a need for the CPFIS to be reviewed.
And indeed the Ministry of Manpower will do so, Mr Tharman said on Tuesday.

This is in line with one of the priorities the Government will have to focus on to take the CPF system into the future, he said - providing a convenient option for those with more than the basic CPF savings levels to earn higher returns.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Discovering Johore by Bus and Walk! - Pontian Round 3

Read? Discovering Johore by Bus and Walk! - Pontian Round 2

While queuing at Kranji bus stop for Bus 170 to JB, one lone auntie queuing behind us started to chat with Auntie8888 on going to JB for what and ....

No. We are not going to KSL or City Square. We are going to Pontian for seafood lunch.

Lone Auntie : I never go beyond KSL and City Square. Scare! Can I follow you to Pontian for lunch?

Ooo .... Walau! What an unexpected request!

Hmm... okay lah!

But, can you walk far distance?

Can you take 1.5 hrs long bus journey?

Can you take not so cool bus?

May be you can re-experience those old days of Singapore with bus conductor on board with bus ticket. LOL!

The lunch that lone auntie didn't regret ... the bill!

Total bill = RM 123.50
(One Red Snapper, half-roasted duck, fried baby sotong, vegetable,
coconut, and rice)

I Think I AM A "Minimalist" But Not A Great Saver???

Uncle8888 has survived without owning a car and valid driving license while raising up three children.

He loves overseas travelling but he will avoid taking taxi if bus and MRT are available. He opts for BMW (Bus, MRT and Walk) whenever it is possible.

He chooses to stay hotels near MRT, train or bus station but it will cost more!

Since he walks a lots and walks far; but he doesn't opt for cheaper shoes and slippers. To him better quality shoes and slippers matters most!

He loves his lunch and tea breaks with closer colleagues. He treasures relationship.

He is still a minimalist? If no then what?

Sunday, 11 September 2016

When is money is enough??? (3)

Read? When is money is enough??? (2)

Talk is easy but in real life facing real discretionary expenditure is not that simple and easy!

Since Uncle8888 is a retiree soon with no earned income; Auntie8888 was thinking not to renew her annual subscription at $1.2K with Amore Fitness at Kovan in Nov 16 to help to reduce household living expenses.

Uncle8888 laughed it off and told her to go ahead and renew.

Nothing will change this fast!

It is quite clear even Auntie8888 is quietly getting worry over future cash flow without an earned income and not easy to trust cash flow from financial assets to be sustainable for the rest of the lifetime.

When is money is enough??? (2)

Read? When is money is enough???

Read?  What Should You Choose: Time or Money?

Just read about this article and the reason is quite clear now!

Time or Money?

His boss has kindly offered Uncle8888 more money i.e. another three more months of salary plus pro-rated bonus; but Uncle8888 has chosen Time over Money.

When is money is enough???

Will more incremental money made us happier when we are quite sure we have enough?

The greatest problem we faced even though we have millions at current value we still don't believe we have enough.

Few colleagues have asked Uncle8888 why didn't he delay his retirement to end of the year since his boss has asked for it and must die die retire at Sep 2016.

Uncle8888 as stubborn Ant will just stick to his plan which has been planned many years back and that goal was repetitively communicated 10 years ago to few close colleagues that they would see him retiring in 10 years time @ 60.

This goal setting and communication of goal is what he has learnt form this book: Think and Grow Rich. That Goal has also motivated him to read up many books on retirement planning, visit cyber space on retirement articles and then do all sort of calculations and simulations to build a sustainable retirement income for life model for himself and implemented it.

Now is the time to put it to actions. This by itself will serve as Real Person, Real Story case study for anyone who bother to build his or her own retirement income model.

Who still say planning no use since we can't control our goal and destination?

BTW, retirement from full-time employment can be voluntary or forced so it far better for us to prepare ourselves for voluntary retirement than to feel sad, frustrated and helpless when we are forced to retire involuntarily.

Better to be Ant than Grasshopper when it comes to retirement planning. Set Goal and plan for it!

Saturday, 10 September 2016

No Cut Losses & Multi-baggers For Long Time (3)

Read? No Cut Losses & Multi-baggers For Long Time (2)

Multi-baggers and zero-beggers (dead fish) are born out of bo chap or fearless when we are still right or when we are deadly wrong.

There is no free lunch in the market. The same mindset or investing strategy may  lead to two extreme outcome so we shouldn't  analyze too much. It is far better to concentrate on money management and risk control and be steady over market cycles. At the end of day; we just need a few multi-baggers to anchor our portfolio and will help us to recover from our past and offset future losses to seize opportunities for future multi-baggers.

The Role of Multi-bagger?

No multi-baggers then it is harder to recover from losses! Right?

Less analyzing. More investing - CW8888

Friday, 9 September 2016


Financial Independence : The Gender Made So Much Difference???

When husband think that he has enough money to support his household living expenses and stay at home even though his spouse is working and earning an income; he can proudly declare he has achieved financial independence!

Clap, clap, clap!

But, when wife doesn't work for an income but stay at home she is called housewife. Did we ever hear someone says that she has achieved financial independence?

Gender makes the difference!


Pokemon Go Trainers vs. Investment Trainers??? (2)

Read? Pokemon Go Trainers vs. Investment Trainers???

This guy showed you why he has the right to charge you to level up.

Level 36!

Count Down To Round The Coast Of Singapore Walking Trail Starting in Oct 2016!

Read? Rebalancing Our Lifetime Of Experiences Among Home, Work, Life and Spiritual???
Hope to do well on personal wellness and travel locally around Singapore. I plan to walk around the coast of Singapore. It will take months to complete this Round Island walking trail. :-)
What is not expected is Pokémon Go!
With Pokémon Go; it will make this walking trail better.
While Uncle8888 walks and catches; will you catch him for kopi/100 Plus on his way?


Pokemon Go Trainers vs. Investment Trainers???

Read? Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached! (5)

Investment trainers can claim and show whatever "Level" they like without any official standard or validation; but not for Pokémon Go Trainers as trainers' Level is clearly shown upfront when their mobile phones are flashed to interested eyes.

Pokémon Go trainers can't go around fooling people on their prowess of catching.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Do We Ask Monk or Priest For Sex Advice???

But, in investing .... Some didn't do the obvious?

Encountering At Least One Major Economic or Market Crisis Is Good For Our Future Prospectives!!! (Time for a re-fresh)

Read? Encountering At Least One Major Economic or Market Crisis Is Good For Our Future Prospective!!!

Food for thought for some wives to unduly pressurize your hubby with such thought?

On Housing Upgrade

For years, he has resisted Auntie8888 from housing upgrade and he chooses to be debt free for the rest of his life without having sleepless nights over future economic and market cycles.

A man is not a man; until there is a house that he may call his castle. A woman is not a woman; until she has a place she may call her home. And neither a man nor a woman can say anything about their house, until they are the masters of it, and own it outright and unencumbered. - Albert Yang

Read more? Home for Living and not for profit taking

Monday, 5 September 2016

Why Pursue Financial Freedom? (5)

Read? Why Pursue Financial Freedom? (4)

To think of it. It is all about pursuing options on we are going to spend more our time, energy and effort in the future:

(1) Earning more - i.e. monetizing them as work or job. It doesn't matter whether we love or dislike it. We are still expected to deliver performance within certain expectation and standard. We are cannot suka suke as we are being paid!

(2) Saving more - Spending some time and effort on how to save more e.g. hunting for bargains and discount; preparing and packing lunches to office

(3) Caring more - Spending more time with family and the beloved ones especially those single income household. It is about all financial sacrifice by either husband or wife. Househusband is becoming common nowadays since Man can cook!

(4) More past time - Pursing more leisure, hobbies, volunteering part-time or doing charitable works and more.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

SRS : You open. I open

Uncle8888 was talking to one woman and realized she too has SRS account. She has contributed once; but she doesn't need to pay any income tax as her three Child Tax Relief has completely offset any income tax payable and still have balance to offset many more years of future income tax payable.

Hmm... Uncle8888 was puzzled and asked why you open SRS?

You open. I open. Follow the crowd?

Some folks better know why you need SRS and for what purpose

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