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Monday, 26 June 2017

What is good Financial Planning?

Read? What is good Financial Planning?

Saving is saving

Insurance is insurance

Investment is investment

Know clearly the difference among them - Saving, insurance, and investment and don't start comparing them one to one like Apple to Apple when obviously they are NOT!

Recently; Uncle8888 has read in FB's comment section that some are advocating topping up children CPF OA as children's university fund and making CPF looked like super saver account with the wonder of compounding interests and multi-purpose.

When our financial goals e.g. our children's university fund or retirement are decades away; don't be so naive thinking that we will always be there to top up CPF account to meet the financial goals. 

Financially savvy or prudent ones will first seek to protect against human asset and then save or invest towards financial goals!

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How Long Would You Hold A "Value" Stock???

Came across this and set Uncle8888 thinking loud too . Hmm ... and then ..

To answer this question: How long?

First, let us try to understand 3Ms in Investing:  Method, Mind, and Money Management

Our Investing Mind: The Winner and Loser investing mindset and the way we as retail investor may like to think on winners and losers.

The Loser Investing Mind

When we bought a stock based on our investing Method; we will expect our self-defined decent yield with some capital gains in the near future; otherwise we will be waiting at the sideline for the "right" entry price.

But after we have bought; the stock price went south and farther south. Soon; we will be holding on this big loser. When we have held on to big loser year after year. It is matter of time, one day; we will change into Loser investing mind - I want to get out when I can!

That day has finally came when the stock price suddenly surges on good corporate news and begins to trend up, up and away. Now the uptrend soothes the Loser investing mind and soon looking to get out at the "right" time based on our Method e.g. "over-valued, Heng arh or whatever reason!

The Winner Investing Mind

Taking the same example as in the investing scenario in the Loser investing mindset i.e. When we bought a stock based on our investing Method; we will expect our self-defined decent yield with some capital gains in the near future; otherwise we will be still waiting at the sideline for the "right" entry price.

But; the stock price went south and farther south and then we will be holding on this loser. 

However, the main difference is that this stock price has managed to recover in just a few months or less than one year and soon we are sitting on decent yield and good capital gains. 

Winner investing mind in action now!

Then year after year; we are collecting our self-defined decent yield and also sitting on nice capital gains. 

Sell for capital gains? You mean "Kill the Golden Goose for its Meat"?

Why kill a Golden Goose who lays Golden Egg when we are getting infinite yield?

This is how Winner Investing Mind thinks!

How Uncle8888 knows?

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Book : Smart Investors Keep It Simple

After more than 17 years, Uncle8888 is still flipping new investment books on NLB book shelves.

This book is for NEWBIES who want to learn about creating passive income with dividend stocks.

It is a simple read and quite easy to understand.

Obviously; many retail investors even those seasoned ones have failed to understand that we shouldn't look at dividend yield alone for investment decision. Never!

We always consider dividend payout ratio and dividend yield as a pair

They are a perfect couple!

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Investors still looking at returns before considering risks: David Gerald, SIAS

Read? Investors still looking at returns before considering risks: David Gerald, SIAS

Absolutely true!

We just need to read FB of investment bloggers and investment blogs' comment section on the type of questions or views that were asked by readers.

Some are frustrated over lower return from life insurance as they DON'T  REALLY understand the purpose of life insurance is for PROTECTION against human asset and investment return from life insurance is secondary.

Protection against human asset is immediate once the life insurance policy is in force; but your investment portfolio will take years or decades to be significant as protection against your human asset. 

Until we can prove ourselves we are better investor then Term and Investing is the way to go!

Inflation In Other Form And Not Necessary In Price Increase

Obviously smaller now!

On Blog Leave from 27 to 30 Jun 2017

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Is Bear Market that Scary??? (2)

Read? Is Bear Market that Scary???

Casino, Share Financing and Leverages 

Human emotion in dealing with escalating losses and hope to recover from huge losses at all costs is unbelievable when we are in good times and sensible. 

How can it happen when we know we are in control? How come?

This Chinese's saying on escalating losses in gambling, leveraged speculating and investing is evergreen.

Lose until Mad!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Property Investing - doing the Math (Part 4)

Read? Property Investing - doing the Math (Part 3)

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Property Investing - doing the Math (Part 3)

I have sensed that some of those superfriends are getting ready to invest in property. I presume investing in Sinagpore 99 years Leasehold property as investing in Freehold property would need huge capital and highly leveraged.

CW8888: Wah! It took 8 years for Experts to sound this wake up call in the newspapers as worthy news.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Monday, 19 June 2017

Your Work-life In Career Development


Why she passed me this?

But; it has set Uncle8888 thinking about i1 too. His past career development and the truth is that most of us will NOT reach anywhere near the Top of the Corporate Pyramid!

We may have to switch to climb the Inverted Pyramid of Investment where your account size really matters!

5% yield @ $1M investment portfolio is $50K investment income!

Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888 (17) - Reposted!

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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Don't do everything for me

Read? Don't do everything for me

Singapore Man of Leisure18 June 2017 at 11:24


Don't want!

I prefer to have intellectually stimulating conversations with you - don't agree never mind! Even better!!! 

Pokes are more fun when the gloves are off ;)

Let continue with top up your children's CPF SA ....

Don't do everything for me! Ah Pa or Ah Ma. Don't leh!

Every year you top up your CPF SA and claim tax relief and bom pi pi on your tax saving! So shiok! Double your income; but no double your income tax. Bom pi pi!

Then you bom pi pi and every year also top up your children's CPF SA. After XX year, you have managed to top up your children's CPF SA to FRS. You bom pi pi and give your children high five!

Guess what happen after XX later when your children started working and earn high income and also learn from Papa and Mama on how to save on their income tax by topping up their CPF SA.


When they realized that their CPF SA already FRS liao!

So what is the moral of the story?

Don't do everything for me! 

I want to bom pi pi like you hor!

Hey! Do You Have Any Loved Ones??? (2)

Read? Hey! Do You Have Any Loved Ones???

Liquid asset to net worth

This ratio provides an indication of a person's net worth in cash or cash equivalents. A minimum of 15% is considered prudent to meet short-term emergencies.

CW8888 : When one have more dependents to support; it is better to have  N x 15%

Not sure how of us who are actively pursuing financial independence are cautious of this ratio?

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Hey! Do You Have Any Loved Ones???

Read? Hey! Are You Married With Kids?

If you still have loved ones with you; then securing your financial journey to your retirement endpoint is NOT as simple as you may have thought about it.

When something bad or critical happened to our beloved ones; we may immediately change our mind on the original intent of our money!

Read? That's what an Emergency fund is for!

Real People. Real Shifting of Money

Quote : "It's when my mum gets sick then I realize my port is not my port anyway. Had to liquidate it to pay this pay that."

Friday, 16 June 2017

The Secret Behind $33K CPF Accounts Interests on Jan 2017

Read? My CPF : Like It or Hate It!!!

What is the secret behind $33K CPF accounts interests on Jan 2017?

Doing yearly voluntary CPF contributions?


The secret is  ......

Buy a smaller home when you can comfortably afford a bigger one with your CPF OA balance at the time of purchase and then LIVE (not stay) happily in that home till your retirement.

No need for any voluntary CPF contributions and that is Uncle8888's secret!

Nothing extraordinary about it!

How Much Money Is Enough For Our Retirement???

Read? The Impact of Guaranteed Income and Dynamic Withdrawals on Safe Initial Withdrawal Rates


Those experts are making retirement planning so complicated and full of formula and probabilities.

So far Uncle8888 has find this model for retirement planning easier to plan and understand.

Less Analyzing. More Retiring - CW8888

Read? Romance of retirement very much alive

The way Uncle8888 plans for his own retirement to build sustainable retirement income for life is ...

Step 1 : Know your past annual household expenses. The longer historical data will be more useful and practical guide to forecast how much money is enough factoring inflation.

Step 2 : Don't be afraid to include asset draw-down strategy as part of cash flow to fund future expenses when necessary. This will be the Mother of high probability of success in your retirement planing.

Step 3: Include other sources of cash flow e.g. investment income; ad hoc, part-time or free lance income ; even small or little it will help to extend your retirement plan by 0.XX% decimal points.

Step 4: Other fixed income for your emergency and medical contingency fund on top of whatever medical insurance you deem to be sufficient and practical for your personal medial lifestyle. 

People can be very damn funny. They may swear to be frugal and live their daily life in Ward C and choose the cheapest option available to prove that they are frugal; but they fall sick and thinking that they are going to die soon; then they want to choose the best and willing to pay for the best at high costs at Ward A. 


Read? Medi Shield or Private Shield?

Thursday, 15 June 2017

What Next After Reaching Financial Independence??? (2)

Read? What Next After Reaching Financial Independence???

Read? This South Korean tech start-up hires only seniors over 55, to prove a point

CW8888: Work 200 mins work-day. Okay lah! Singapore have?

The company rosters their workers on four-hour shifts, and makes it compulsory to have a 10-minute break every 50 minutes.

The office is decked out with a chic pantry, a breakout area with couches and books, and even a blood pressure machine that staff can use during their break time.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

What Next After Reaching Financial Independence???

Our money cannot disappear on its own but it will go to our loved ones or some strangers become "good friends or god-children".

The days when we slowly and slowly and DON'T even realized that we can't count our own money! 

Monday, 12 June 2017

What Is Retirement? Why Some Wish To Retire Sooner But Some Don't???

What can you tell from them?

CEO, GCTO, Manager, and two taxi drivers

BTW, this GCTO finally statuary retired at 67 last Apr 2017 

Read? I 67 still working. You 60 want to retire?

Read? He Has Retired At 58!

Read? The Real World

Read? Six Months After Not Doing Anything To Increase GDP As Jobless Man! (3)

Read? Hey! Not All Self-Employed (Own Boss) Can Suka Suka!

What you think?

Happy at work and high pay. Why retire?

Get f...k too often by higher up. May wish to retire ASAP.

Constraint by fixed overheads; need to work minimum hours.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

No Blog Post On Investing??? (2)

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Read? Barbell strategy (2)

In the market; there is No Free Lunch!

Someone else in the market must lose their hard earned saving from their salaries to provides lunches to other players in the market!

Read? Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888 (6)

37. All you need for a lifetime of successful investing is a few big winners, and the pluses from those will overwhelm the minuses from the stocks that don’t work out. - Peter Lynch

Based on Uncle8888's past investment records; it looked like Barbell strategy and it is still better for him to continue to follow Peter Lych's wise word into the next market cycle. Probably it will be his last market cycle. He doesn't want to miss this LAST ONE and regret!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

No Blog Post On Investing???

Uncle8888's Three Taps solution model to build sustainable retirement income for life in his financial independence phase is quite different from commonly adopted definition of financial independence when their investment income exceeding annual household expenses. 

Investment portfolio is their key component of cash flow; but not for him. His key component for cash flow lies with the strength of his Tap 1. Different stroke for different folks!

With his Tap 1 future cash flow capacity already covering 100% of total future household expenses till 2038; so he doesn't have that sense of urgency now to increase the cash flow capacity of his Tap 3 (Investment Portfolio). He can afford to wait patiently!

One Uncommon Act Of Kindness! (3)

We have been reading again and again in the cyberworld on examples of bad neighbour in Yishun. 

How about kind, friendly and helpful neighbour? Any?

Read? One Uncommon Act Of Kindness! (2)

Uncle8888 went to this home at Queentown to collect document after confirmation from home's owner that someone would be at home to pass him the document.

Her SMS : "Try again. I checked"


Helper pang sai in toilet???

Helper still sleeping???

This time Uncle8888 didn't press the doorbell but knocked very hard at the wooden door (like Ah Long?). Her next door neighbour came out to ask how could she help me.

Super kindness to a stranger by her super neighbour

Uncle8888 told her that he came to collect document; but nobody seen at home; but home owner has confirmed that her helper at home.

She also helped to call her neighbour and informed Uncle8888 to wait for a while as probably the helper has went out to buy something.

At first she passed a stool for Uncle888 to sit and wait; but after some time she came out to ask Uncle8888 whether he needed water?

Uncle8888 told her no worry as he has water with him. She then asked  how about coffee? 

Uncle8888 quickly replied No Thanks. But; she insisted on coffee. 

Thank you! No sugar.


Nice coffee. 

From the kindest lady to a stranger. Wonderful! 

Friday, 9 June 2017

Leverage With Margin Account??? (2)

Read? Leverage With Margin Account???

Long long ago; in the famous CBox; Uncle88888 came to know one guy going around forums and cboxes boasting about his leverage return on his bond trading like you didn't leverage on low interest rate you are dumb!

Not sure now what happened to his bond trading and his leveraged gains?

Our OWN Money and Other People Money?

How do some people think about Return On Capital? Actually it is Return on Own Capital

All cases have $50K as Capital

Investor A invested all $50K @ 5% yield and received $2.5K investment income. ROC or Return on OWN Money is 5%

Investor B invested $40K @ 5% yield, $10K as war chest and received $2K investment income. ROC or Return on OWN Money is 5%

Investor C invested $30K @ 5% yield and put $10K own money and leverage up to 200% with another borrowed $10K in margin trading account and reserve $10K for margin call. 

Total investment @ 5% yield and e.g. margin interest charge @ 1% will receive $2K + $0.4K = $2.4K and Return on OWN Money is 6% 

Somehow Investor C will feel that he is getting superior Return on OWN Money by thinking Mathematically in this form $0.9K/$10K = 9%! Wow!

Hmm ... 

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Rent out your spare rooms for passive income??? (2)

We read but we may not fully understand it. But; when we personally experienced through it then we may become super conscious and risk avoidance.

Chinese saying: No see coffin. No tears drop.

One option of passive income gone for Uncle8888 when his children move out in the later years!

Read? Rent out your spare rooms for passive income???

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The Dilemma Of Single Household Income & Financial Independence

Let face the truth and the fact of life!

Single household income is more vulnerable to any financial disruption so they should be working harder to pursue financial independence; but they will have less spare financial resources to invest.  


It takes a lots to voluntarily turn into a single household income!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

10 Times More Powerful Than The Power of Commissions!!!

Read? The Power of Commissions!

Performance shares award given to middle and top management and its three years vesting period will range e.g. from 0% to 150% and is contingent on the achievement of pre-determined targets set over a two-year performance period.

You may wonder why your middle and top management are pushing down so hard to achieve their KPIs.

Die die they will make sure every KPIs must be achieved in 2019

When You Have No Dependents To Support You Can Do Whatever Work You Like

That is the true fact of life and you don't have to be rich too!

The financial burden on our shoulders for our dependents are not easy to bear. So many times when we wish to do this or that; but we finally quit on the face of reality!

You Love Your Job But Your Company Doesn't!!!

Uncle8888 was busy looking out for stalls that have queue and see what are they selling  at food centre; and suddenly he heard someone calling out loud his IC Name.


Nowadays; he often hears people calling him Uncle, Jacob or Uncle Jacob; but calling by IC name is getting uncommon.

Uncle8888 has even changed his Whatapps profile to replace his previous working name.

He went over to chat with his two ex-ex-ex colleagues who are about his same age group in their 60s. Later; he came to know both of them have been retrenched as their department was outsourced. It was their last week with the company!

No wonder, it was already 1.43 pm and they were still at food court lim kopi and chatting.

What is the moral of story?

You can love your job; but your company doesn't. Get it?

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Is Your JOB a Necessary Evil?

Read? Climbing your investing or corporate ladder? (4)

If you are not the Red Man soon your Game will be over!

It is JOB and not work; and especially as employee! 

As self-employed; you can't hate your job; otherwise you should have already quit long ago.

As employee; it is ALL about climbing corporate ladder or pyramid; but few employees can actually and continuously climb the corporate ladder or pyramid to the upper layer.

In your late 40s or 50s and you are stuck at that position for more than 10 years without yearly pay increase other than some rare market pay adjustment and you can "bullshit" yourself that you still love your job. Uncle8888 will have to kowtow to you. You are truly an amazing employee!

It is never a surprise why younger employees are seeking financial independence; may be they have seen with their own eyes what happen to their parents or senior colleagues. Right?

One Uncommon Act Of Kindness! (2)

Read? One Uncommon Act Of Kindness!

Nowadays; Uncle8888 has been riding on MRT trains here and there with his monthly $60 concession pass and at the same time he looked out for opportunity to pay back this uncommon act of kindness of this young man to others.

When Uncle8888 noticed someone especially when the elderly seen to look lost; he will approach them to see whether they need any help.

Dementia is scary!

When Uncle8888 was approaching the MRT gates; from a distance he saw one elderly man kept tapping his card on the MRT entrance and the gate sounded an alarm and didn't open. But; he kept tapping and tapping his card.

Uncle8888 approached him and told him that he needed to go to the control room to reset his card and walked him to MRT control room to do it.

Hey! Not All Self-Employed (Own Boss) Can Suka Suka! (2)

Read? Hey! Not All Self-Employed (Own Boss) Can Suka Suka!

Uncle8888 has realized that for those who are self-employed (aka own boss) with relatively high fixed overheads; they will have to put in minimum hours of work as necessary evil; otherwise they will have operating losses or negative cash flow. This is definitely not sustainable over long run as they may go broke!

To them; work is a necessary evil! No meh?

Counting The Cost Of University Education at SUTD (5)

Read? Counting The Cost Of University Education at SUTD (4)

Year 1 & 2 (Apr 16 to Jun 17)

Read? Funding Your Child’s University in the Future? (2)

Total as of Jun 2017 = $125K of potential war chest  for investing @ 5% yield to receive $6,250 yearly passive income.

For those who likes to think that children eat money!

More passive income without having children. He he!

This Is Not A Dream! It May Be Possible!!!

Read? Get Rich Fast Vehicles - A Trip Down Memory Lane

Quote : "I do once think of earning a lot of side income from stocks, but never rich. Lol..."

Many of us can achieve it over 20 to 40 years of war chest from our earned income to invest for dividend growth stocks through short-term trading and long-term investing.

Your foundation for this investing strategy is from your earned income and saving; and your eyes wide open and learned from past mistakes and losses; and to avoid making those same mistakes.

Earning more and increase saving for war chest; and avoiding large future investment losses then it is NOT a dream!

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Cash Is Rotting As War Chest!

Let see what will happen to CW8888's Investment Portfolio XIRR on 31 Dec 2020

20 Years XO Grade XIRR. Don't laugh hor!

XIRR over 20 years (1 Jan 2000 to 31 Dec 2020) will fall to about 5.4%

From now till 31 Dec 2020 if Uncle8888 can successfully deploy his current level of war chest for 100% net gains on war chest ONLY in the next Bear to Bull; his XIRR on 31 Dec 2020 will improve to 8.2% over 20 years

If 50% net gains then will be around 6.9%

Is this Great Sales worth waiting for?

Friday, 2 June 2017

Leverage With Margin Account???

Long long ago Uncle8888's friendly broker offered him promotional rate margin account so he could leverage up to make more money. But; he asked back his broker why he needed that margin account when he still had plenty of cash and CPFIS rotting. 

You tell me why I need one?

Hey! Not All Self-Employed (Own Boss) Can Suka Suka!

Read? Why Do You NEED To Work HARD??? (2)

Met this taxi driver neighbor while walking to the lift and had a short conversation.

Neighbour: You good life. Walk here. Walk there.

CW: Okay lah.

Neighbour: Why you want to retire? You can work till 65. Right? Your Manager pay not bad. Why retire?

CW: Bo pian. I have to retire! I can't tell Boss that I want to work less hours and want to work part-time. No such thing!

Neighbour: I also want to retire.

CW: You no need to retire. You suka suka can park your taxi and lim kopi. You can suka suka don't drive; park and sleep.

Neighbour: Wrong leh! Cannot suka suka don't drive. Everyday still need to drive a few hours to cover rental. Bad life!

Hmm .... not all self-employed (own boss) can suka suka don't work the minimum "hardness"!

Why so many people are seeking financial independence? 

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Why Do You NEED To Work HARD??? (2)

Read? Why Do You NEED To Work HARD???

Read? Horse, Cow, and Pig (Re-posted)

Seeing Shadow Of His Past Mistakes In The Market

Sometime while Uncle8888 is surfing the finance and investment blogs for reading pleasure; he may read some blog posts reminding him of his past shadows. 

Look like it is true; human nature never change in the market. 

Just that someone will step forward to repeat the same old mistakes in the market.

This is still a Bull market and you are not making money trading on one direction. How you make money when the Bull market turns?

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Why Do You NEED To Work HARD???

1. I haven't reach financial independence!

2. I need MORE money to pay for increasing household expenses for growing up children

3. I need MORE money to save and invest

In the same office; we can see some working very hard and some slacking obviously. The funny thing is that some of these slackers were previously working very hard. How come like that?

Real Manager. Real Slacker.

This ex colleague kept complaining to Uncle8888 about this slacker in his team and Uncle8888 replied to him. Either you sack him or live with it as he doesn't need the job as he already reached financial independence way ahead of his time. He is in the office just to pass time.

The Moral of Story

Not all who have reached financial independence means they will retire early to travel more or having lots of leisure and fun. 

Some of them still prefer to stay on as office worker but they will slack. They are liability to the team; but at the same time Uncle8888 as Manager we will know that we need these slackers for the Bell Curve! Good thing is that these financial independence slackers will not bother about their performance assessment and bonus. Win Win?

Whoever comes to Uncle8888 to complain about these slackers; he will just tell them you go to seek financial independence and one day you also can be like that!

Monday, 29 May 2017


Read? 曾坐擁40億,迎娶白富美,後來胞弟跳樓,妻子離去,被逼淪落街頭做麻油雞,因為...去世,惋惜!

Goals, System, Purpose, Luck, Dream, Vision ... Whatever You Like To Term Them???

Read? After Point X In Our Career or Investing Journey; This Is How We May Say It Loudly!

Whenever someone talks loud and clear. It is sure sign that he or she has achieved it in that way!

The moral of the story

If you have finally realized that after few years in one camp and not achieving or not progress much; then you might want to switch over to the other camp to see whether you can make it. How about that?

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Live Like University Student???

Uncle8888 has been tracking his youngest son's personal living expenses as university student. It is ranging from $208 to $555 per month since May 2016. 

Mid point is at $381

Highest/Lowest is 2.7

Wide range could mean that he is living quite well and can also be frugal under circumstance during exam period. Where got time to go out and spend money?

How to save more money?

Try monetize your weekends by working.

Sure save more!

Walk Here. Walk There. Join The Queue : Value Meals At Various Hawker Centre

Read? Walk Here. Walk There. Join The Queue : Traditional Roti - Butter & Kaya (2)

Senior Auntie Found A Purpose As Pokemon Trainer

Read? Go Find A Purpose!

Read? Retired As Pokemon Trainer Too! (2)

This morning Uncle8888 saw this senior auntie and waved at her. She smiled and waved back!

Senior auntie has been riding on her bike (not sure) it is everyday morning or evening to catch Pokemon (sometime saw her in the evening). 

She has been doing it since the Day of Pokemon Craze in Singapore. 

We are staying in ex Pokemon Hot Spot - Blk 401, Hougang Ave 10. Three Pokemon Stops and spawning ground of rare Pokemons.


No, no, no!

She has finally found riding her bike with a purpose - an incentive/reward or purpose or meaning to cycle over far distance to achieve the real purpose that is her EXERCISE and passing time. 

It can be quite boring to cycle alone with no real purpose or tentative goal in mind. Mindless sole cycling over long hours is no much fun. Very few seniors can do it sole over long distance and over hours of cycling for doing it as form of exercise.

Uncle8888 also knows another neighbor senior uncle sometime cycled to Punggol and Pasir Ris for fishing. 

From Hougang to Pasir Ris and then back to home is really far distance.

Uncle8888 was once an active Pokemon with his power walk and dashed faster than few other younger trainers to catch the rare ones under minutes. Pokemon as an incentive/purpose/meaning to achieve that real form i.e. physical exercise. The real reason to dash or sprint to that spot. No madness to run like Hell!

So You Laugh At Panda Investor's Specialized Diet! You Chun Bo???

Panda investor eats locally; but food sources are NOT local hor!

That the difference!

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Seriously How To Avoid Being Fooled By These Scams, "Gurus" or Trainers

How can you probably see it and then seriously avoid it?

It is never what you see; what you read and what you will get it!

It is the HOW!

When you see MAIN marketing statement or headline where it emphasizes ... 

(1) From humble background; Poor to Rich from self discovery of secret formula

(2) Losing so much and then discover secret sauce to become rich

(3) Show you lots of profits made but not showing past years of evidence of proof with audited statements of investment gains from the market. (One late "Guru" in Sinagpore had been poked by Uncle8888 a few times in his forum to show his audited statement of investment gains from the stock market. But Uncle8888 still give him respect as he didn't bar him unlike some other investment and finance bloggers)

One last confirming evidence; are your family members and close relatives all millionaires?

At one seminar; Uncle8888 nearly wanted to ask her: How come your husband still works so late until he came home one late night with chest pain and fortunately the couple managed to reach A&E in time to avoid heart attack?

Read more? Better safe than sorry: Resist urge to invest in too-good-to-be-true schemes

Read? JJ Poor To Rich founder Johnson Lee and two others arrested

KUALA LUMPUR: Controversial foreign exchange trading company JJ Poor To Rich (JJPTR) founder Johnson Lee and two others were arrested today.

Federal police Commercial Crime Department director Datuk Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani said Lee along with his right-hand man and personal assistant were arrested in an operation at 4.30am in Petaling Jaya.

"All three detained will be brought to Klang magistrate court for remand," he said.

Those detained aged between 28 and 29.

The raiding team also seized a Honda Accord, five mobile phones, documents relating to JJPTR investments, cheque books, bank cards and RM20,936 in cash.

On Saturday, 15 employees and four investors were picked up from eight different locations, including offices and homes, which the police believe is used by the syndicate as its operating premises.

The raid by the police was conducted with enforcement teams from Bank Negara Malaysia, National Revenue Recovery Enforcement Team, Inland Revenue Board and Companies of Commission Malaysia.

It was reported two police reports have been lodged against the company and early investigation has revealed that the company claimed that the investment was a forex-based business.

Penang-based JJPTR came under fire recently after investors complained that they have not been receiving their scheduled monthly payment.

It was reported that the company's founder, Lee, had claimed that the company's accounts had been hacked, which have resulted in losses of US$400mil.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Spending So Much Time On Investing. Worth It Or Not?

Net worth excluding his residential 4 RM HDB flat. 

Based on PropNex, the last 4 RM HDB at 448, Hougang Ave 10 sold by this agency was at $433K on Jan 2017

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The End Of Personal Income Tax

No longer a tax payer after paying the last income tax for YA 2017!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The math before and after crisis investing???

Read? The math of crisis investing

How about those have started investing so much earlier before the next crisis?

How many of us may be doing this?

How many of us may be avoiding it?

Read? After 17 Years In The Stock Market What Is My Greatest Regret?

The greatest regret of 2008/2009 GFC by Uncle8888 for missing the truly great opportunity in the market to create wealth through short-term trading and long term investing to generate cash flow for the next decade or more. But; foolishly he has missed that one.

Will the next crisis be near the similar scale?

Do we invest to break even or recover from past losses?

Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Tale Of Three Old Men In The Same Office Space (True Story) - 2

Read? The Tale Of Three Old Men In The Same Office Space (True Story)

After reading this ---> Exclude this, exclude that...

Lets return to the HDB heartlands.

Even without a 2nd investment/rental property, those who treat the humble HDB flat as an investment would play the 2 bites of the cherry, upgrade, downgrade game.

Look around your relatives, neighbours, colleagues and classmates. There are lots of annecdotal evidence. Verify for yourself!


The Mind or psychological part of investing is quite powerful, isn't it.

CW8888: Hmmm ...

Back to real person, real people in his ex-office cubicle


Residential Property as Retirement Fund

Both of them took the path of their residential property as their retirement fund.

57 stopped speculating in stocks and took the property path. He has upgraded from three room HDB to 5 room HDB and currently still have a few years of mortgage to go.

He couldn't meet his MSS (BRS) at age of 55 and automatically has to pledge  50% of his HDB flat to meet MSS (BRS).

CW8888 vs. 57 Senior 

CW8888 with no second bite of cherry but allows his CPF OA to compound at 2.5% rate while 57 Senior took second bite of cherry by upgrading to 5 RM HDB Sengkang.

Even this 57 Senior finally took down downgrade game.

Since it is not million dollar property; Uncle8888 doing the Maths doesn't think that he is going to have fatter retirement fund.

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